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Riding a bicycle is a good way to get around Beijing, as it can avoid experiencing crowded public buses and traffic jams, save more time and money. At peak times on the busy roads in Beijing the bicycle is the fastest and most convenient vehicle for a short journey. If possible, do not hesitate to ride a bicycle for a short Travel in the inner city. Most hotels in Beijing offer the service of bicycle hire; remember that a cash deposit will be required.

Construction in the urban city has led to the road space for bicycles being reduced, and some of the existing bicycle tracks are often occupied by motor vehicles. This has caused not only enormous pressures on energy and the environment, but also serious and frequent traffic jams. A special lane for bicycles has been built in Beijing, so that travel by bike is now much safer.

Bicycle Rental

At present, about 5,000 public bicycles in Beijing are available for rent, and about 31 bicycle-rental outlets in Beijing are in operation with the authorization of the government. Beijing Hotel has 100 bicycles for hire and is equipped with POS machines. People who rent bicycles here can pay by bank cards or cash. In the future, all rental outlets will be equipped with POS machines. The rental company is responsible for looking after and repairing the bicycles, but it does not bear the cost of the repair of any malicious damage. If a bicycle is lost in the parking lot of a rental outlet, the rental company will bear the responsibility. If it is lost due to the lessees' fault, the deposit will be forfeited.

A special map of the bike rental outlets will soon be issued, providing convenience for people. From December 1, 2007, all new bikes in China will have different 'identification numbers' on the frame. The 15-digit number will contain the code of the rental company, the type of the bicycle, the manufacturing date and the number of the production line. By signing a contract and paying CNY 400 as a deposit you can rent a bicycle for a year, day or hour, and keep it yourself or in the parking lots of rental outlets. Customers can apply to change to a new bike or having repairs for free. A long-term let bicycle can be returned to a different rental outlet.

Renting Type
Long-term let
CNY 100 per year
CNY 400
Short-term let
CNY 20 per day
CNY 400
Short-term let
CNY 5 per hour
CNY 400
Some bicycle-rent outlets:
Operation Hours
Dongcheng District
Beijing Hotel (北京饭店)
No.33, Dong Changan Jie (东长安街)
24 Hours
Shatan (沙滩)
The junction of Wusi Dajie (五四大街) and Beiheyan Dajie (北河沿大街)
24 Hours
Workers' Stadium (工人体育馆)
22 yardss east to the north gate of the Workers' Stadium
24 Hours
Xicheng District
The north gate of Beihai Park
The west of the north gate of Beihai Park
24 Hours
The east gate of Beihai Park
The east gate of Beihai Park
24 Hours
Nanlishi Lu (南礼士路)
Exit C of Nanlishilu Station, Subway Line 1
24 Hours
Hualian Department Store (Fuchengmen Brunch) (华联商厦阜成门店)
The opposite to the Exit A of Fuchengmen   Station, Subway Line 2
24 Hours
Drum Tower
Exit B of Goulou (鼓楼) Station, Subway Line 2
Chenggongzhuang (车公庄)
Exit A of Chegongzhuang Station, Subway Line 2
24 Hours
Parkson (百盛)
The opposite to the Exit A of Fuxingmen (复兴门) Station, Subway Line 1
24 Hours
Xuanxi (宣西)
Diagonally opposite to the Exit D of Xuanwumen (宣武门) Station, Subway Line 2
24 Hours
Xuanwumen (宣武门)
Between the Exit B1 and B2 of Xuanwumen Station, Subway Line 2
24 Hours
Hepingmen (和平门)
Between the Exit B1 and B2 of Hepingmen Station, Subway Line 2
24 Hours
Changchun Jie (长椿街)
Between the Exit B1 and B2 of Changchunjie Station, Subway Line 2
24 Hours
Caishikou (菜市口)
The southwest to the junction of Caishikou  Dajie and Luomashi Dajie (骡马市大街)
24 Hours
Chaoyang District
Dawang Lu (大望路)
Exit A of Dawanglu Station, Subway Line 1
24 Hours
Sunshine 100 (阳光100)
The junction of Guanghua Lu (光华路) and Xi Dawang Lu (西大望路), Dongsanhuan (东三环)
24 Hours
Wanda Plaza (万达广场)
The west to the Gemdale International Garden (金地国际花园), Wanda Plaza
24 Hours


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