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Silver Fox Cave

The Silver Fox Cave, or Yinhu Cave, has a wide reputation for an amazing fox-like stalactite, which is rare worldwide. Situated in Fozi Village, Fangshan District, this mysterious cave is about 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Beijing. Characterized by karst landscape wonders and clear underground rivers, this large solution crevice group in North China is a prodigy of nature.

This multilayer karst cave is luxuriantly a wonderful spectacle. The winding cave is about 5,000 meters (5,470 yards) long, and nearly 3,000 meters (3,280 yards) is open to tourists. More than 90 distinctive sights have a dazzling effect on your eyes. In the cave, there are uncommon various stalactites, white stalagmites, grand stone pillars, asbestos, shining stone waterfalls. In addition, rare crystal stone grapes, brilliant stone pearls and glittering calcites are seen here. A remarkable amount of various stone flowers are scattering in the cave.

The astonishing stalactite, which resembles an overhanging sliver fox with a cat's head, is a national treasure in China. The two meters (6.6 feet) long white stalactite, covered by pure fluff, looks like a splendid jade carving. The spotless fluff of 1 to 3 inches long beautifully grows in a compact mass. Such a marvelous and wonderful stalactite is the first that was ever found in the world; hence, the cave got its unique name. However, the origin of the intriguing cave remains a mystery so far!

The meandering underground rivers penetrate as deep as more than 100 meters (328 feet). Tourists can boat on the clear and winding waters. It is asserted that the water is a natural mineral of high quality with many beneficial microelements.

A simple tramcar inside the cave may be taken instead of walking, and the waterway adventure games make the Travel more interesting. About 2,000 meters (2,190 yards) inside the cave lies Beijing's first underground music bar in karst caves, which offers a pleasant place for tourists to rest.

Admission Fee:
CNY 41 (CNY 15 for boating included)
Opening Hours:
Bus Route:
917 Bei (917北), or 948 to Yinhudong (Silver Fox Cave, 银狐洞)


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