Qinglong Lake Water Amusement Park

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Qinglong Lake Water Amusement Park

The Qinglong Lake Water Amusement Park is located in Qinglong Town, Fangshan District, only 37 kilometers (23 miles) from the Tiananmen Square. With a water surface area of 4,000 hectares (659 acres), it has the largest bathing beach in Beijing where 10,000 people can bath and play. Thus, it enjoys the fame of 'Little Coast in Beijing'. The lake was once a reservoir and developed as a tourist resort in 1995. Nowadays, it has become a large comprehensive area dedicated to entertainment, body-building, leisure and sightseeing.

The park offers tourists a wide variety of amusements including thrilling aquatic parachuting, high-speed motor boats, yachts, self-drive boats, rowing boats, pedalos, spaceships and interesting self-controlled flying discs. Dragon boat Travel allows you to explore the lake and its panoramic view. Visitors can also swim in the natural river beach and paddle at the lakeside. In addition, there are other amusements for visitors to enjoy, such as lakeside fishing, a children's playground and a fruit garden. The accommodation and restaurants here are also excellent.

The lake is like a valuable sapphire embedded in the area. When the lake is calm and weather is fine, the blue sky, white clouds, trees and hills are reflected in the large mirror, forming a stunning picture. When a breeze blows, the waves ripple as if a naughty girl winks. The lake sparks in the brilliant sunlight and the distant hill looks like an overlapping landscape.

Admission Fee:
CNY 10
Bus Route:
616, 646, 917, 917 Zhuan (917专), 917 Zhi 3 (917支3), 952, 971 to Liangxiang Ximen (良乡西门), then transfer to small bus No.6 to the Qinglong Lake Water Amusement Park (青龙湖水上乐园).


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