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Beijing offers many optional vehicles both for locals and visitors to get around the city or leave for other destinations at will. The city now has a greatly improved transport system, though traffic jams may happen at peak times.

Get to or out of the City
By Air
Beijing has two airports, namely, Beijing Capital Intentional Airport featuring international and domestic flights, and Nanyuan Airport featuring only domestic flights.

By Train
When your Travel is long, traveling by train is quite cheap and safe, but takes more time of course.

By Coach
This is a more convenient and easier way for a relative short Travel. There are more than ten long distance bus stations in downtown Beijing and some small ones in the suburbs.

Tianjin Port
Tianjin Port with three domestic-scheduled ship lines and two international scheduled ship lines provide an alternative for tourists to leave for other destination by sea.

Get around the City
Taking a rickshaw is unexpectedly more expensive than taking a taxi, but allows tourists a unique view of the ancient Beijing.

Now, three waterways are available for tourists in Beijing, and the boats are in service from April to October every year, which provide another way of exploring the city.

Tourist Bus
Tourist buses are special public buses tailored for tourists who want to go directly to scenic spots.

Tourist Train
Tourist trains are always fast, inexpensive and efficient, taking passengers directly to the desired tourist attractions located in suburban districts.

The taxi is the most direct way to get the feel for the city and definitely a better choice for tourists who are not familiar with the city.

There are now five existing subway lines traversing the city, and Two Yuan Flat Fee System is implemented on the subway system.

Public Bus
Traveling by public bus in Beijing is very cheap. Many buses announce the stop names in both Chinese and English, so you may have a try to take a bus.

The bicycle is a good way for you to get around Beijing, as it is environmentally friendly and provides healthy exercise.


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