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In Beijing, a blue sign marked with '北京地铁 (Beijing Subway)' indicates that there is a subway station nearby. Access to the subway station is marked by a square grey pillar on top of which is a lighted blue sign with the letter 'B'. The ticket window is at the entrance of the subway station. After buying a ticket, go downstairs to the platform to which you gain access by inserting your ticket into a machine, and wait there for the train. Inside the subway station, notices on the pillars provide detailed information and direct you to your destination. Station names are broadcast on the train in both Chinese and English.

The subway station is equipped with rest rooms, a commutation ticket office, entrance and exit lifts (elevators), public phones, and a lost and found office. Additionally, there are bookstalls, photo developing shops, bakeries, convenience stores, food stores and more.

Two Yuan Flat Fee System is implemented on the existing five Beijing subway lines. People can use 'Yikatong' IC cards or cash to buy tickets. A ticket entitles an adult to take one child whose height is less than 1.1 meters (3.6 feet) for free. Children less than 1.1 meters (3.6 feet) in height are not allowed to take the subway alone. The machine that examines the IC card requires just 300 milliseconds to recognize it. Swipe the card over the scanner, and wait until a beep is heard that informs that the IC card has been successfully read by the machine.

Subway Lines
Now, there are five lines in operation-the Subway Line 1, Subway Line 2, Subway Batong Line, Subway Line 13, and the Subway Line 5. Generally, the first run is at 05:00, and the last is at about 23:00.

Existing Subway:
Line 1 (straight line)
Line 2 (loop line)
Line 13 (above ground railroad)
Batong Line (Line 1 Extension)
Line 5: Tiantongyuanbei-Songjiazhuang

Subway under Construction or to be Constructed:
Line 4: Majialou-Longbeicun
Line 6: Wulu-Dongxiaoying
Line 10: Landianchang-Songjiazhuang
Olympic Branch Line (Phase 1 of Line 8)
Airport Extension (Line L1)
Yizhuang Light Rail (Line L2)

Future Subway (layout for 2012):
Line 7: Beijing West Railway Station-Nanhuayuan
Line 8: Huilongguan-Di'anmen
Line 9: World Park-Baishiqiao
Line 14: Lugouqiao-Laiguangying

Future Subway (Under planning):
Line 11: Xiangshan-Songjiazhuang
Line 12: Mentougou-Langfang
Line 15: Zhongyang Dangxiao-Shunyi
Line 16: Huilongguan-Jijiamiao

Hot Line Service
Beijing Subway
Tel: 010-6834 0565 (Monday-Friday, daytime)
   010-6834 0563 (Monday-Friday, night, the whole day of Saturday and Sunday)
Supervisor for passenger transport:
010-6827 5087 (round-the-clock service)


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